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The Best Way To Write A Research Paper – 10 Expert Tips

One of the major papers that you will have to write for school is a research paper. To develop a research paper, you will have to come up with a research question, formulate a hypothesis, test the hypothesis, and present your results. It is usually a pretty involved paper where you will have to read a lot of sources and formulate an idea from what you have read. Many students struggle with this type of paper because of its complexity. However, it doesn’t have to be difficult. Here are some expert tips to help make this rather tough assignment a breeze.

  1. Choose the right topic
  2. Start by choosing the right topic to write your paper on. It should be something that you enjoy and should also be a topic that has enough information on it to develop a good study.

  3. Create an outline
  4. You want to always plan out your paper by creating an outline. It is the best way to organize your ideas and present them in the most reasonable way.

  5. Include transitions
  6. Transitions are very important. They let your reader know that you are changing the topic. It is a great way to move from one topic to the next.

  7. Separate ideas for separate paragraphs
  8. Each of your ideas should have their own paragraph. When you are moving from one topic to the next, you want to move to a new paragraph.

  9. Include direct quotes
  10. You will want to include evidence to back up your statements. Direct quotes from your sources will be used as evidence. Make sure to include a statement regarding how the direct quote proves your point.

    Format your paper correctly

    If your instructor wants the paper in a proper format, then you will need to make sure that you format your paper correctly.

  11. Edit your draft
  12. Always edit your draft so that it is error free.

  13. Cite work properly
  14. You will need to make sure that you cite your work properly. You will need to make sure that all of the sources are cited the right way.

  15. Create proper title
  16. Make sure that the paper has a proper title that captures the essence of your piece.

  17. Pulling it all together
  18. You will want to pull it all together in the conclusion to create a comprehensive piece that proves your main point.