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21 Great Research Paper Topics Related To Education In China

China is a big country, with an even bigger population and as a world power, it is most definite in the running for most powerful nation. Known for their strict customs, laws and high levels of discipline, the Chinese have always been a significant world power and possess what is considered to be one of the most well recorded history compared to all other countries.

China employs a system of 9 years mandatory education that is funded by the government, after which, students are free to decide on their future education activities.

The following is a list of research paper topic related to education in China:

  1. Similarities between Chinese education and that of the western world.

  2. Exam culture: How an emphasis on test taking can harm China’s innovation

  3. Chinese education versus South Korea’s

  4. How has government censureship affected the ability to engage in research in Chinese universities?

  5. Is the P.R.C.’s government responsive enough to changing needs in education?

  6. Does studying in Mandarin benefit Chinese students?

  7. Has Mao Zedong’s plan for his country’s education system come to fruition?

  8. How does China’s education system compare with that of Russia, Cuba or other communist countries?

  9. Has stem cell research by Chinese students benefited from their country’s legal system?

  10. Is the pressure to excel at Chinese schools encouraging students to cheat?

  11. Will the relaxation of the one-child policy lead to a strain on China’s education system in years to come?

  12. Will students in China’s schools be adequately prepared to find jobs after the inevitable economic contraction?

  13. Can The P.R.C. build a leading university?

  14. Does forced urbanization help or hinder Chinese education?

  15. Will China’s universities help it reach the moon?

  16. How have Hong Kong’s schools been affected by mainland policies?

  17. Has a revisionist history of Tibet become common in the textbooks of the P.R.C.?

  18. Would increasing the years of mandatory education positively impact China?

  19. Punishment in Chinese schools

  20. Are foreign languages adequately taught in China’s schools?

  21. Has the opening up of the Chinese marketplace created new educational paths for its children?

As with any country, the education system is not static. It changes or evolves over time so be certain that you use the most recent information in compiling your research.