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Collection Of Interesting Research Paper Ideas About Religion

Whether you are currently majoring in world religion or you are merely taking a single class, as a student, you won’t be spared from coming up with a research paper at some point. Religion is one of the valuable subjects that students need to explore. In addition, students are required to broaden their knowledge about it and have profound understanding of the subject matter. It cannot be denied that such subject generally accounts for a remarkable percentage of a student’s school remark.

If you are presently having a hard time dealing with your writing project about religion and you can’t find or even think of the right topic for you delve into, the good news today is that there is no need for you to feel overly stressed because there are countless of possible topics that you can conduct a research with and discuss about religion.

For a fact, this subject may be considered too broad and quite challenging to study and make a research on. However, this is a kind of topic wherein you could learn a lot and broaden your knowledge about controversial issues. If you would only try to look around, then, for sure, you will discover for yourself that you won’t run out of potential topics to talk about on religion.

You need not worry much about doing research since there are lots of sources that you can use to substantiate your paper. But, it is very pivotal that you only rely on sources that are credible and legit and make certain that you properly cite all your sources to avoid being involved in any plagiarism-related issues.

Here are some possible topics you can deal with:

  • What makes changes in religious beliefs very distinct from changes in scientific beliefs?

  • Collaborations with The Faith Community in Welfare Reform

  • What are the most common forms of congregational community service?

  • Churches that accept government funds for charitable programs

  • Priests' sexual abuse of children and youth

  • Orthodox Churches in the United States

  • The evolution of the term religious freedom without experiencing discrimination or oppression

  • Can churches save the city?

  • Homosexuality and Religion

  • Congregations and Service Organizations Working Together

  • Women in the clergy: pastors, female priests, rabbis and ministers

  • Exploring the Social and Spiritual Dynamics of Church-Based Community Activism

  • How do churches reach out to their communities?

  • The presence of fear in religions

  • How do faith-based social services consolidate a religious dimension?