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Compelling Research Paper Topics About Global Warming

The global warming is the side effect of the acceleration of temperature of the earth. Scientists blame the green-house effect on earth to cause the global warming. In the research paper, explain and evaluate the fast meteorological changes and the long lasting impact of environmental pollution. In America, the sudden change in the climate stirs the ocean with a fast Hurricane or Tornado. The powerful wind whirls sweep away the houses, fleets of cars and iron junks in twinkling of an eye. Global warming is the cause of such devastating storm, the depression in the ocean and the increase in the temperature of the world. Topics on the global warming will convince readers by providing new facts, events and certain causes about the gradual rise in the earth temperature.

Few Important Points

  • Include major research components like thesis statement, the transformational hook/phrases and the same thesis statement in conclusion changing the style/pattern

  • Indicate the mindset of people regarding greenhouse effect

  • Role of guardians of the law to prevent the earth warming

  • Discuss about the fast change in ambience

  • Specific areas for boosting up the earth warming

Give Reasons- Highlight Major Factors in Your Essay

Deforestation, pollution and nuclear reaction are now difficult to stop. The civilization has entered into the society through backdoors bringing few unwanted elements to compel humans to suffer from diseases, infection and disturbance to live peacefully. If the earth starts thawing, it will not be the peaceful event to trillion citizens who will be heated up due to such excess heat. The entire global existence will be uncertain. That’s why; the earth must be cooled to save human beings. In your academic paper, the cause and effect of the global warming must be screened through perfect data analysis. Few comprehensive comparison researches and explanations can be conducted to strengthen up the body of the content.

Mention Current Events and Examples to Indicate the Side Effect of Global Warming

Trees are felled by man to have more space to build up new establishments, factories and resorts. This random tree chopping and deforestation must not produce good effect in the long run. Who is prosecuted for such misconduct? The vacant land is filled up by restricting large resorts. The cities are covered in smoke. Cars discharge lethal gas. Nuclear tests are done to challenge the human existence? All these factors indicate the possibility of occurrence of carnage in a new shape of global warming. More evidences are at hand. North Korea has exploded mini nuclear bomb. South Sea is becoming hot and controversial due to military escalation of China to reclaim large island. America has intervened and demanded for passage of free navigation through South Sea. If the war starts, China, America, North Korea, and other neighboring countries will be involved. This will be a destructive war. The air will not be cool and nonchalant. China and America must be in compromising role to minimize the risks over South Sea. Extend your academic content giving series of recent events and facts which seem to be stimulants to warm the globe.

Final concluding part of the academic paper should be a verdict of the writer to motivate the audience. Global warming issue must have a solution and you must not leave your readers in the pool of ambiguity. Precisely, solve the problem by giving few possible methods to control global warming.