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Basic Instructions For Writing An APA Style Research Paper On Global Warming

Many research papers are written in the APA style. You may be asked to study a question related to global warming and describe your work in a paper formatted according to the requirements of this style. If you’ve never dealt with the APA format, you may need to learn a few basic tips before you start writing.

General Requirements of the APA Style

  • A double-spaced text.

  • One-inch margins on the top, bottom, left, and right.

  • A highly readable12 pt. font.

  • A page header at the top of every page.

Your assignment guidelines should contain a more detailed summary of the APA style requirements with explanations and examples.

How to Write Your Paper

  • Pick a narrow topic.
  • Global warming is a very broad topic to research. You should think about a narrow question within this field that you can give an answer to in your paper. You may consult your teacher if you cannot narrow down your topic alone.

  • Do your research.
  • You shouldn’t start writing before you have any data to describe. Choose a particular methodology to conduct your study and follow it. It’s most likely that your work will be to gather and analyze works of respectable researchers in your field of interest.

  • Outline your paper.
  • You should divide your document into several distinguishable chapters and plan what you’ll write in each chapter. If you don’t make an outline, you aren’t likely to compose a well-structured paper that flows logically.

  • Compose the main body.
  • You should follow your outline, but you aren’t obligated to start writing with an introduction. If it’s easier for you, you may compose chapters about your methods and results, for example, and only then move on to writing your introduction and conclusion.

  • Create additional sections.
  • You should put together a list of references and add some appendices if needed. You may also have to write an abstract that summarizes your entire work. Don’t forget to create a title page according to the requirements of your university.

    Before submitting your academic work, you should proofread it carefully so that it doesn’t contain any mistakes and irrelevant parts.

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