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What Are The Main Characteristics Of A Good Research Paper Topic?

Each and every step of a research paper needs to be well investigated and written diligently. Negligence at any step can make it invalid. If you are a post graduate student, the first step is to think for the topic. You cannot pick a topic as it comes; instead it requires a deep investigation and unearthing of truth.

What are the primary characteristics of a good topic?

  • It has to be interesting. If the chosen topic is not appealing, it will not motivate the audience to have a look. Monotony should be miles away from it. If possible use attractive words that have some scientific or subject related terminology in it.

  • It should not be too lengthy or too short.

  • It should hold the substance and should say a lot in a few words.

  • A research paper topic has to be valid.

  • It should neither be too wide nor too small and should hold the substance based on the instructor’s guidelines.

  • It should neither be too common that it gets easily picked.

  • Remember, before you pick any topic; make sure that you find the relevant content easily. There are enough resources and reference materials that are reliable and accurate to collect matter.

  • The topic should reveal a clear idea about the subject and should be free from ambiguities. This is the chief essence and should form the basis of the topic.

  • The topic should be chosen with precise care.

  • It should be chosen based on the social, physical, mental and psychological aspects of the readers.

  • Keep the topic concise. Never try to add anything special to make it interesting. Pick a topic that can reveal originality.

  • While writing, stay empathetic and write in a persuasive manner. It will strongly indicate your position.

  • Write in active vice. Stay direct and forceful.

  • A research topic should state the writer’s ideas in a single sentence. It should signal the origination of a new and innovative idea.

  • The topic should be sufficient in itself to appear in the mid and at the end of the paragraph.

  • Understand your purpose of the study and think if it can be planned well.

Even if you are a dummy and are not aware of the topic guidelines, the above mentioned tips will direct you to a well organized and beautiful title.