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Writing A Research Paper On Database & Information Systems

A research paper is an assignment that allows teachers to evaluate the way students can work on their own and their ability to put the results of their work into an academic paper. Sometimes, students find it interesting to do research, but sometimes, it can be a real problem, especially if the subject is quite complicated. Below, you will find several tips that will help you handle a project on database and information system easily.

Things to Remember

You need to remember that even with the strict rules that are set forth by the academic writing styles and standards, there is room for sensible creativity. You should keep in mind the fact that it’s up to you to make your work worth attention and perfect evaluation. The way you treat the assignment will reflect on its quality and depth, and on your grades, too. Besides that, if you choose a good topic and explore it successfully, you can keep on working upon it in future developing it in your term projects or so.

Your paper is supposed to demonstrate:

  • Your knowledge on the databases and information systems,

  • Your ability to work with the scientific and reference literature,

  • Your ability to do research on your own, choosing suitable and effective methods,

  • Your ability to analyze, systematize, and put together the reference materials,

  • Your ability to put down your opinion and findings in a logical and concise way.

The Structure of Your Work

A project of this type should consist of several necessary parts.

The first one is an introduction that lets readers know what you are speaking of in your paper. The intro is a delicate thing. It’s able to catch your readers’ attention or turn them off in a couple of sentences. Give this part enough attention.

The last part of your project is called conclusions. In this part, you recapitulate everything that you have already done and said and present the findings once more, in their correlation to the topic of your work. You shouldn’t think that your findings must necessarily match the goals that you have set in the intro. In case it’s so easy to predict the findings, the research makes no practical sense. However, if you want to have a work in which the results exactly match the goals, you can compose your goals after you receive the results.

The body of your work is everything that is between the intro and the conclusions. No matter how many paragraphs you make there, each separate statement should have a paragraph and enough support from reference literature.